I also occasionally fancy myself an artist. Jane-of-all-trades-hurrah! If you are interested in commissioning me for something please send an e-mail to virginiepithon (@) Please feel free to use the navigation menu to the right to explore some of my previous work.

Sorts of things I could be commissioned for:

– Costume Design
– Poster Illustrations
– Illustrations of Original Characters
– Fanart
– Greeting cards
– Book covers
– Etc.


I tend to work in traditional media – that’s to say, pen/pencil/watercolours etc. I specialize in:

– For A4 illustrations (watercolour) £6
– For A4 illustrations (pencil/ink) £4.50
– For A4 Silhouettes £4

– For A3 illustrations (watercolour) £11
– For A3 illustrations (pencil/ink) £8.50

– Greeting Cards £4

– For all other projects the price will have to be negotiated depending on how big/detailed/etc.
– Also, please note that if you want me to draw more than two people I may have to start charging 50p for each extra person. (And bear in mind that the size of your commission must allow for the number of people you want in it. So if you want me draw five people for example, A4 may not be the best size for it).
– If you feel you’d like to commission me but don’t feel you can afford it, send me an e-mail anyway and we may be able to negotiate something.

The Actual Payment:

– Please pay by PayPal, my e-mail is virginiepithon(@)

– Shipping is free!

Concerning the artwork:

– All artwork will be original artwork – not prints. Therefore what you receive will be unique and made especially for you – so please be reasonable when negotiating prices.
– All commissions should be for non-commercial purposes only. Also, I retain the rights to use the image in my portfolio.
– For all commissions I will first do a pencil sketch, at which time if you want something changed than you can just tell me and I’ll and fix it for you.

– Please remember that I’m a student and that this isn’t my full-time job – I’ll try to meet any and all deadlines if I can, but requests should be reasonable. If I am unable to take on a commission for whatever reason, I’ll be happy to do it at a later date.